It is very important to read over the Rates page so you will be familiar with the price breakdowns , and Membership ‘Fido Pack’ pricing. This will help you get the best value for your compound visits!

Any new dog(s) to the compound will require all mandatory forms be filled out and signed. Verification of updated vaccinations will be required however, we understand some dogs have different vaccinations schedules. Please follow your vets routine schedule set out for you individual pups.

Please  E-mail copy of vaccination records if your file is too large to upload.

All sessions start on the hour and end at quarter to the hour (If you’re late for your booked time it still ends at quarter to the hour).

If you cannot make your booked time and you want to re-book or cancel, 24-hour notice is required. “No shows, no refund.”  From your confirmation email you can cancel your session or contact us to re-book. This will be helpful, so we can unblock your time, so others could take advantage of this space.

Once a session is booked, you will find a gate code within your notification E-mail. As gate codes may change from time to time please check your E-mail prior to your visit, to alleviate any confusion. Please ensure to check your JUNK folder as the E-mail may be present there. Note: Your gate code is NOT the same as your order number.

The map will show you the location, but it is important to note you must enter from the backside where parking and entrance gate will be located.

We have allotted a 15-minute window between appointments so there is plenty of time for people and dog(s) to come and go from the compound. Promptness makes this work like a charm for those that need to avoid confrontations. Please be respectful of others needs and arrive on time and depart promptly.

No loitering around access gate before or after your booked time. You will be required to stay in your vehicle till the previous person has left the compound and secured their dog in their vehicle. Watch for the stop sign on access gate as to whether to proceed out of your car.

Please pick up after your pets. Keeping a clean environment is a TEAM effort.

IMPORTANT: Extreme weather conditions are out of our control and may affect the usage of the compound. Ultimately it will be up to the registered owners discretion if the weather is to extreme for their pet. We will try to accommodate re-booking your missed time slot. Temperatures above +28°C and below -15°C are the suggested benchmark temps. Such things as Wind Chill Factors, High Humidity, Severe Winds, Thunderstorms and Snowstorms will be taken into consideration on top of the benchmark temperatures. If severe weather conditions arise while in the compound exit immediately and contact us for rescheduling

Most of all, ENJOY!