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 Our Story


Our story began in 2017. Due to our mothers health, she required a safe and secure place to take her beloved dog. They both need a space to be able to enjoy life, let go of any stressors and just relax, enjoy each other’s company while being outside in the fresh air and sunshine ( the best medicine the Dr could order.). Mom found that special place in town because she doesn”t drive on the highway and for the first 6 months it was just their space.
As a family we realized this was something so many others, human or dog(s) could benefit from as well. Physical limitations or mental concerns we knew we needed to overcome these barriers and assist our community. Public dog parks are not for everyone for various reasons so we set out to create a unique space where owners and their dog(s) could escape the rat race of life, build their bond and create special memories.
In 2018 we opened True North K9 Compound. A Dog Park where you booked your time and it’s only you and your dog(s) unless you wanted to socialize with extended family or friends and their dog(s). You are always in control of the environment, making it what works best for you .It has grown from just a space with a few things to many activities that stimulate the body and mind.
Our vision will keep evolving with one thing remaining the same… “True North K9 Compound will always be a  space to be STRONG AND FREE.

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 We want you & your Furry Friend To have the best time


Whether you’re a first-timer or a returning friend, we’re thrilled to have you visit! Before you start exploring, please take a moment to review our rules page to ensure everyone has a fantastic time and a safe, enjoyable experience.