Release of Liability & Agreement not to Sue: Read Carefully – this affects your legal rights.

In exchange for participation in the activity of exercise/training my dog(s), organized by “True North K9 Compound” of 1503 Semrau Dr N.W., Medicine Hat, AB, T1C 1V7 and/or use of the property, facilities and service of True North K9 Compound with a independent instructor(s)/ trainer(s) that is preregistered with proper credentials , I agree for myself and if applicable for the members of my immediate family, to the following: I understand that the participation of my dog(s) and myself in training or exercise will require some physical activity on my part and on the part of my dog. I understand that this activity can involve running amongst obstacles, running, walking, jumping and possible use of equipment such as tunnels, bridges, stairs, logs and bubble machine/bubble solution which could cause injury to me, to my dog or to others. I agree, represent, and warrant: That I am in good health and can perform the physical activities necessary. That my dog is in good health and can perform the physical activities necessary. That I further represent that my dog is friendly and not a hazard to persons or other dogs, unless otherwise further discussed and appropriate measures taken and agreed upon. That I further agree to keep my dog under control always, to carefully watch him/her always when he/she is loose in the compound to be sure their safety is addressed. If at any point health concerns arise for myself, my dog(s) or members of my immediate family (if applicable) I solely am responsible to act immediately as I feel necessary. I further release and discharge True North K9 Compound from any legalities due to the lack of my judgement and actions at the time of the incident.