We welcome you to Medicine Hat’s first Private Dog Park, EST 2018: a place for you and your dog to explore and have fun in a safe environment! Avoid all the hassles that can go along with the public dog parks – we have the solution for you. We offer a safe place for you to exercise, train and bond with your pooch. 

The whole idea has been conceptualized out of love – seeing someone we love missing out on time with their pet due to health issues. We want to offer a place of security that enables everyone to stay connected to life in general with their special companion that gives so much to them unconditionally everyday with only a wag of the tail and a whole bunch of licks. Now a place to feel “Strong” & “Free”!


It is divided into 2 sides. Our Playground side has equipment and toys to stimulate your dog’s mind, body and senses. The Open Area side offers lots of open space to run freely whether you’re doing basic training, playing hide and seek or just wanting to throw a ball or frisbee. When accessing either of these options one must always consider the safety of your dog – take time to teach, coach, guide and explore these areas together and develop a level of confidence. This will not happen overnight so enjoy the learning process!

This space could offer health benefits to you and your dog not only physically but mentally. You will be able to unwind from the crazy rat race of life and connect on a very personal level with your dog. Come and join us!


The compound is located within City limits on the North West side of town. Our address is 1516 Walters Way NW. We are located close to the Goodyear plant. When driving down Brier Park Dr NW, turn onto Walters Way NW & follow the curved road around past the big, blue “Brier Park Warehouse”. At the end of the road you will see the entrance to the compound on your left. The outside compound is 1.23 Acres and fully fenced with coded key pad access, so you will feel secure. It offers peace and quiet and lots of outside air.